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February 12, 2012
by Ash Clarke

How to Hide Facebook Ads in Google Chrome with Stylish

After my post on hiding ads in Mozilla Firefox, I decided to do a follow up using Google Chrome. To start on the road to ad-free Facebook on Chrome, visit the web store and search for stylish.

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September 19, 2011
by Ash Clarke

How to Hide Facebook Ads in Mozilla Firefox with Stylish

Ads. They suck. You never click them and they don’t benefit your life whatsoever.

If this sounds like you, I will now let you in to a secret way of hiding them that no company ever wants you to find out…
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October 12, 2010
by Ash Clarke

IE 6/7 Overflow: auto Scrolling Bug

I came across an issue whereby a scrolling div, styled with overflow: auto does not scroll its contents correctly if its child divs are positioned relatively or floated. When scrolling, the contents were frozen in IE 7 and half frozen in IE 6 with the text just scrolling on its own.

Turns out there is a ridiculously simple fix for this. Just apply relative positioning to the parent div and suddenly, everything falls back into place.

I can’t be thankful enough for how easy this fix is.